Feeling Africa stands for a new kind of African culture in Cuba

A culture beyond Afro-Cuban music like Rumba and religious elements from the Santeria religion, Feeling Africa showcases the joyful light and colorful vibes of South Africa, its music, fashion and way of life. Feeling Africa also represents the colors of South Africa that symbolize happiness and a positive attitude towards life.

Feeling Africa connects the similarities between South Africa and Cuba. For instance, how people relate to Afrobeat in South Africa, is similar to how Cubans enjoy and feel Reggeaton.

Feeling Africa is a platform to promote artists from all disciplines, such as dance, music, fashion  and photo – and videography.

Feeling Africa’s mission is to acknowledge the style and music with African roots as such as these elements are being more present globally. Feeling Africa’s vision is to launch a business with goods and services influenced by South African culture in Cuba and to create a community of artists around it.