The FAN (Feeling Africa Night) Events pursue the same concept of the project in general, bringing together artistic manifestations that the project will be promoting in one night. Leading to a night full of great party vibe and variety. One of the audiences we will be focusing on, are the dancers and teachers of Cuban dances and styles since, being sponsored by the Casona de Son, our events will never lack of the world-renowned Cuban salsa, bachata and kizomba.

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#Bass - Baila Afrika Afro Latino Dance Family

11th of December 2019 – #Bass Festival 2019 in South Africa from Baila Afrika Afro Latino Dance.

Challenge World Kizomba Day - Kizomba Flash Mob

21st of July 2019 – Challenge World Kizomba Day in the Malecon in Habana, Cuba.

Official opening of Feeling Africa Events

2018 – Official opening of Feeling Africa Events in the typical Fajoma Restaurant in Old Habana, Cuba. A successful event that gathered music, rythm, accessories, colors, outfit and dance from all around Africa.